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Lotto news

Man wins £1.000.000 with a ticket he purchased on Christmas

“Best ever ending to 2015 and the best ever start to 2016” – these are the words John Gill used to describe his £1.000.000 Euromillions win. We couldn’t agree more with the lucky Warrington resident who scooped this impressive sum with a ticket he bought on Christmas Day. Follow in his footsteps and make 2016 the best year of your life – play Powerball to win $334.000.000!

Mr. Gill won £1.000.000 in the Euromillions Mega Friday drawing on December 25th, even though he never really believed “this wish and dream would come true”. After he ran out of lives in a game he was playing online, the fortunate truck repair company owner decided to check his numbers and stared in disbelief as six zeros appeared on his screen.

“Winning the lottery just opens up so many doors and the choices are endless. Being able to look after our family is also so important to us. All those things that have been on our bucket list can now become a reality,” said the lucky winner after collecting the cheque with his wife Patricia.

And what exactly is on the couple’s bucket list? A business class travel to Australia, a trip to the Grand Canyon, a white Jaguar… and two mobile phones for their kids.

“My son had his mobile phone stolen the week before Christmas. I gave him an old phone just so he wasn’t without one. I said to him on Christmas Eve, ‘How are you getting on with that phone?’ and he said it will do for now. My reply was, ‘You never know, I may win the lottery on Christmas Day and then you can have a new one,’” recalled Mr. Gill.

In addition to the £1.000.000 cash prize, the couple also won a luxury trip to Scandinavia, where they’ll enjoy a one week stay in a lodge with a private maid service and a private chef.

What would be the first place you’d visit after winning $145.000.000? That’s the jackpot Mega Millions offers in the next drawing – play now to take it home!