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Lotto news

Couple from New Zealand makes noble plans after winning $7.500.000

Jackpot winners tend to make tons of plans after scooping huge windfalls, but when it comes to a $7.500.000 winning couple from New Zealand the content of their wish list can be summed up in five words – becoming Santa’s helpers for life. After winning this extraordinary sum, the couple intends to use it to help their family and donate money to their favourite charities. A colossal $675.000.000 Powerball jackpot could provide you with an opportunity to do the same – play now to take it home!

The winners from Hamilton, who wish to remain anonymous, found out they had won after checking the ticket at two different stores to be doubly sure. The husband did the first round of checking, headed back to their car to share the good news with his wife, who then went to check the ticket again at a gas station. They didn’t know how much money they actually won until they dropped by a friend’s house.

“Our friend asked if we’d heard about the lucky people who had won $7.500.000 from a lotto ticket bought in Lower Hutt. My heart started racing and a few expletives came out,” the winner recalled. Shortly after that, they went back to the store where they’d purchased the lucky ticket to claim the prize. “The look on the retailer’s face was priceless when the bells and whistles went off and when he showed us what we had actually won, it was such a surreal moment.”

The couple plans to use the prize to pay off the mortgage, upgrade their cars, help out family and give an extra support to their favourite charities such as World Vision, Kids Can and the Salvation Army.

“Winning this amazing prize means we can be Santa’s helpers for the rest of our lives, and who wouldn’t want that amazing privilege?” the winners said after claiming the jackpot.