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Lotto news

Winners from Almería strike again - El Niño offered €630.000.000 in prizes so far!

When it comes to playing lottery in Spain, there seems to be a lucky formula to winning all the major prizes – just move to Almería. Less than a month ago, this province celebrated the huge victory after thousands of winning tickets for the Spanish Christmas Lottery were sold in Roquetas de Mar and history kind of repeated itself in El Niño drawing on January 6th.

El Niño is like the little brother of Spanish Christmas Lottery – it’s always held about three weeks later, it has a slightly smaller prize pool, but it’s still a great opportunity to win a lot of money. This year, El Niño offered €630.000.000 in prizes and spread happiness all around Spain, but in an amazing twist of fate one of the towns where the winning tickets were sold was Roquetas de Mar, the main beneficiary of the first prize in the Christmas Lottery on December 22nd.

A lottery shop manager Ángeles Martín, who sold two winning décimos, admitted she was “very nervous” just before the numbers were drawn – never in her 32 years of running the store, she has had an El Niño winner! She found out about the win after the owner of the Bar Bernardo, located in the same street, called to tell her. According to Antonio Fernández who works at the bar, one of his friends who had previously won €800.000 in El Gordo also scooped €400.000 in El Niño. It’s suspected that the lightning struck twice for some other Roquetas de Mar residents as well.

Winning tickets bearing the first prize number 22654 were also sold in the Madrid region, the southern towns of Jerez de la Frontera and Conil de la Frontera, and the northern cities of Gijón and Bilbao, among many other locations. The second prize was won by the tickets with the number 60755, all of which were sold in Madrid.

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