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Grab this Powerball jackpot and become richer than these 10 superstars!

The idea of becoming $1.500.000.000 richer in a blink of an eye didn’t only attract avid lottery players and average Joes, but also many famous celebrities who expressed their astonishment with the giant Powerball jackpot via Twitter. Actors who attended the Golden Globe ceremony this weekend were asked what they would do with the prize and the answers varied from the obvious ones like buying lavish houses and going on trips around the world, to funny ones such as running for president against Donald Trump and purchasing world’s biggest mirror. Even some of the most famous A-listers, who seem to have everything, will not be as rich as the next Powerball winner – play now and that winner could be you!

10. Beyoncé ($450.000.000)


The famous R&B singer enjoyed a great deal of success with the group Destiny’s Child during 1990s and became one of the world’s biggest stars after departing from them. In addition to earning millions through her records, she also owns a fashion line “House of Dereon” and the world’s best-selling celebrity fragrance line “Heat”.

9. Elton John ($475.000.000)

superst9The legendary British musician has been releasing chart-topping albums since 1970s, so no wonder his fortune grew this large. Despite already owning several estates around the world, in October last year Elton purchased an extravagant Beverly Hills mansion worth $35.000.000 with his partner David Furnish.

8. Mariah Carey ($520.000.000)

superst8Mariah earned her exceptional wealth by being the best-selling female artist in the history of the Billboard charts. The “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer is also known for her diva behaviour and love for luxury.

7. Celine Dion ($630.000.000)

superst7After her signature song “My Heart Will Go On” was featured in the movie “Titanic”, Dion became one of the most recognizable pop stars in the world. In years to come her music empire grossed millions, but she spent a fair share of it on lavish estates, a private jet and an extensive shoe collection.

6. Jay-Z ($650.000.000)

superst6More than 55.000.000 studio albums sold worldwide, clothing line “Rocaware”, a record deal worth $150.000.000, endorsements by Chevy, Budweiser and Armadale Vodka, an ownership stake in the New Jersey Nets – the list goes on and on and on. If he keeps this busy in the future, Jay-Z’s net worth will surely hit $ mark.

5. James Cameron ($700.000.000)

superst5Speaking of “Titanic”… The Oscar winning filmmaker has two of his projects on the list of highest-grossing films of all times and we’re still waiting for a movie that will take “Avatar” off the throne.  No wonder he’s one of the richest directors in the world, right behind George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

4. Tiger Woods ($700.000.000)

superst4Tiger Woods isn’t only the world’s wealthiest golfer, but one of the richest athletes in general. Since turning pro in 1996, Tiger has earned around $100.000.000 from his sport’s achievements, but even more from endorsements, as many other successful sport stars. His long list of sponsors includes Nike, Gatorade, American Express, Rolex, Gillette and Tag Heuer.

3. Bono ($700.000.000)

superst3The U2 frontman isn’t one of the world’s richest musicians only thanks to the success of his band – he also owns a vast real estate portfolio and serves on the board of Elevation Partners, a private equity firm. In addition to his Exe bord du Mer villa and the Killiney mansion in Dublin, he also has an apartment in New York that he purchased from none other than Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

2. P Diddy ($730.000.000)

superst2Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, Daddy Puffy, P Diddy or Diddy… If not sure what to call him, “one of the richest rappers in the world” will do. The double Grammy winner used his success in hip hop entertainment business the best way possible – he founded his own record label Bad Boy Entertainment, which doesn’t only produce music, but also includes a movie production company, two restaurants and the clothing line.

1. Madonna ($800.000.000)


The queen of pop is one of the celebrities who admitted they’ve purchased lottery tickets in the past. Not only does she play, but she also won a €120.000 SuperEnaLotto prize and has promised to donate it to charity, but we don’t know if Powerball craze has overtaken her too. It’s better for us all if it hasn’t – the famous “Material girl” already wears the title of the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time, and that should be enough.