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Lotto news

Three winners share the historic $1.500.000.0000 Powerball jackpot

Playing Powerball these last few weeks was like riding on the world’s biggest roller coaster, but even the craziest of rides eventually must end. This one came to a closure last night when three ticket holders from California, Florida and Tennessee matched all the winning Powerball numbers, sharing the record-breaking $1.586.000.0000 prize.

The three winners overcame odds of 1 in 292.200.000 to land on the winning numbers 4, 8, 19, 27 and 34 with the Power Ball 10. The drawing on January 13th produced a total of over 26.000.0000 winners who scooped more than $270.000.0000 in non-jackpot prizes. 23 states had at least one Match 5 winner of a $1.000.000 prize, but several ticket holders from Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas scooped $2.000.000 thanks to the Power Play option.

The identities of the jackpot winners are not yet known, even though professional skateboarder Erik Bragg posted a photo of himself holding a ticket with the winning numbers, but nothing is official yet. Here’s what we know for sure – Tennessee Lottery officials confirm that one winning ticket was sold in Munford, while the Californian winner purchased the golden ticket at a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles.

The Powerball jackpot started at $40.000.0000 back on November 4th 2015, and as drawing after drawing yielded no winner, it grew to a staggering $1.586.000.000. While the jackpot climbed, the nation was gripped by Powerball fever, as people lined up everywhere where the tickets are sold for their chance of becoming a billionaire. Even before hitting the ten-digit mark, this incredible windfall broke all the jackpot records – a $656.000.000 Mega Millions prize, which was also shared by three winners back in 2012, held the top spot for almost four years.

We can’t wait to see all the lucky stores where the tickets were sold and the people who bought them, but in the meantime millionaires could be made elsewhere. Euromillions offers an impressive €81.000.000 prize in the next drawing – play now to take it home!