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Lotto news

Scottish couple celebrates £33.000.000 win with a hot cup of tea

While the rest of the world was too busy swooning over the ten-digit Powerball jackpot, British lotto players were enjoying a historic moment of their own. The National Lottery jackpot reached a record-breaking £66.000.000 sum, which was shared by two ticket holders on Saturday night.

Top prize winners in the U.S. sometimes come forward months after hitting the jackpot, but things tend to move a little bit faster in Europe. One half of the prize was already collected by a Scottish couple David and Carol Martin, who have been married for 28 years.

“I’ve dreamt of this moment many times but when it actually came, it was a just total shock. We were both stunned into silence. I’ve talked about winning and what I would do so many times, but now it’s actually here my mind’s gone blank,” said Mr. Martin.

They celebrated the win with a few cups of hot tea, hoping it would help them “make sense of it all.” When they finally got ready to share the news with someone else, the first person that popped to mind was their 26-year-old daughter Lisa who lives in Australia.

“We caught Lisa on the telephone as she was driving to work and told her to pull over. She thought something bad had happened as we normally only Skype or WhatsApp her to keep the costs down. So, when we telephoned she was really worried,” recalled Mr. Martin.

No need to keep the costs down anymore – the first thing on their shopping list was a plane ticket for Lisa, who’ll be coming home to celebrate the good news with her parents. They also intend to retire early, buy a new home in the country, have a holiday “somewhere hot” and help out their local community.

“We’d like to help our closest friends and family, and there are charities which are important to us too. Parts of our community have also been hit by flooding and we know lots of people who have struggled in recent times, so there’s a lot for us to work out but it’s a nice problem to have.”

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