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Lotto news

No big changes for Tennessee couple after winning $530.000.000

For the last few weeks, we were all dreaming about winning the majestic Powerball jackpot, but for three ticket holders from California, Florida and Tennessee this dream actually came true. They shared a record-breaking $1.600.000.000 windfall and a third of it was already collected by a couple from Tennessee, John and Lisa Robinson.

Unlike many people who found themselves in a similar position, the Robinsons aren’t planning any big changes for the future – they don’t intend to leave their jobs, buy a bigger house or leave Munford, the small town where they both went to high school.

"That's what we've done all our lives, is work," John Robinson said. "You just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing anymore. Because how long are you going to last? We do want to enjoy a little bit of our earnings, and maybe invest a little bit of it so our son and daughter will have it and they'll never need anything again." said John Robinson, an engineer for a Target distribution centre. His wife Lisa works at a dermatologist’s office.

The couple has lived in a modest $150.000 house since 1995 when Mr. Robinson left the Air Force. Their first plan is to pay off the mortgage on their home and student loans for their daughter Tiffany, who had one very special wish after hearing the lucky news.

"My first thought was, I’ve always wanted a horse. I get a horse now. My dad always said, ‘When I win the lottery," said Tiffany. 

The couple also has a son Adam, who works as an electrician. They’ll be taking a lump sum payment, which comes to approximately $328.000.000 before taxes.

“We’re going to take the lump sum, because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. We just wanted a little piece of the pie. Now we’re real grateful we got the big piece of the pie,” said the lucky winner.

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