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Lotto news

Maryland woman almost threw away $1.000.000 Powerball ticket

After hearing that no one in her state won the $1.500.000.000 Powerball jackpot, one Maryland woman was ready to throw away her ticket, but she realized not all the victories come in a ten-digit form. Although the lucky Frederick resident didn’t scoop the jackpot, she got her hands on a pretty awesome consolation prize worth $1.000.000. If you failed to strike gold with Powerball, Euromillions might be your lucky game – play now and win €89.000.000!

The lucky winner identified herself as Kathryn when she collected the prize with her husband Ricardo. Maryland is one of six states where winners can remain anonymous or have few details released on their identities, so the couple choose not to reveal their last name, but were happy to share their excitement with the lottery officials.

“I still can’t breathe. I just can’t believe I almost threw away the ticket. I went back to the store and had a cashier scan the ticket. When he said that it was too large to cash, I knew it was really happening,” recalled Kathryn.

The couple said they have “big but realistic plans for their prize” that include buying a new house, taking a vacation and starting a college fund for their 10-month-old baby. Ricardo also intends to treat himself with a new truck and a nice watch, but the thing that excited him the most has nothing to do with spending the prize money.

“One of the best parts about this was calling my mom. All these years, I’ve wondered what it would be like to call my mom and tell her I won the lottery. It felt great to be able to make that call,” said Ricardo.

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