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3 Powerball stories that made the headlines, but proved to be false

Powerball drawing last Wednesday will go down in history for many reasons – it offered the record-shattering $1.500.000.000 jackpot we’ve never seen before, but also created more hoaxes than we can count. Many users on Twitter were promising money to those who retweet their posts, fake news sites such as Daily Media Buzz added to the confusion, and after the numbers were drawn people all around the U.S. were claiming they matched them. We bring you the three most talked about stories that were all over the news last week, but were never officially confirmed by relevant sources. After the Powerball numbers were matched on January 13th, a €104.000.000 prize offered by Euromillions became the largest jackpot in the world – play now to take it home!

1. Pomona nurse tricked into thinking she won millions

pomona nurse powerballReporters can’t wait to hear from the winners after big jackpots are scooped, but when tensions are high they seem to forget that every new piece of information must be double-checked. That’s how the story of a Pomona nurse winning one third of the big jackpot made the headlines. Internet was abuzz after reading that the mother of seven won over $500.000.000 with a ticket she received as a gift from her boss, which sounds as an inspiring, but unfortunately fake story.

The nurse’s son had snapped a picture of a ticket on Facebook and sent it to his mother, the news of the win spread quickly, but it turned out it was all a prank. The nurse’s daughter Jennifer described the situation as “embarrassing”, while her boss Shlomo Rechnitz, who reportedly gifted about 18.000 Powerball tickets to his staff, said he will buy an all-expense paid vacation for the nurse and her family.

2. Tennessee Powerball winners giving away their fortune

john lisa robertson powerballShortly after John and Lisa Robinson appeared on the Today Show holding their winning Powerball ticket, the couple found out that netting millions usually goes hand in hand with being a subject of a scam. Someone started a website called, claiming that the Tennessee winners are giving away the money they don’t really need. The message on the website, that later went viral via social media read the following: “To celebrate their record win and give back, Powerball winners John Robinson and his wife Lisa are giving away cash to random people. Simply invite 2 friends to get your cash. After 2 friends click your link, get your cash instantly!” Sounds too good to be true,  right? Probably because it isn’t – hoaxes such as this one aren’t anything new and past offers have included giveaways ranging from Target coupons to free iPhones.

3. Man flooded with messages after fake news about his win

jared price powerballWhen United Media Publishing launched the story of a 27-year-old hedge fund manager Jared Price winning the jackpot, many believed it to be true, not realizing this website actually features joke stories. Countless social media accounts named “Jared Price” emerged, promising to give out $5.000 to the first 100.000 followers. The biggest victim of the story was the actual Jared Price from Orange County, who was bombarded with phone calls, emails, and social media messages from people who haven’t talked to him for years.

“I had to make something and post it on Facebook saying, ‘I am Jared Price, I did not win, I don’t have money for you.’ By 7 a.m., I already had over 100 LinkedIn requests and mostly it’s realtors trying to get me to buy a house in Chino Hills,” said Price who laughed off the whole bizarre situation.