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Lotto news

Congrats to Michael who won 39.976 EUR!

It was yesterday night that Michael from Sweden hit big and won the jackpot on our casino game Gunslinger!

Michael opened an account on Multilotto just a few days ago, during the Powerball jackpot fever, when 3 lucky winners matched the winning numbers and shared $1.6 billion. Michael was not among the Powerball millionaires but his quest for the big win did not stop there.

Michael felt like trying one of our most popular games, Gunslinger and after a pair of spins for 1 EUR each, he got a pop up message indicating that he was a winner! Michael won the jackpot, 40.000 EUR on just one click!

We reached out to Michael a bit after his win, he was really happy for receiving this unexpected prize.

We would like to congratulate Michael for winning the 39.976 EUR jackpot and hope that he will spend the money on something he would enjoy!

Gunslinger and the other casino games are open for playing 24/7 - around the clock. A perfect way to win some cash during the days that lotteries take a break. Don’t forget the best part, you are the one deciding how much to play and how much to bet for!

You can find our casino game Gunslinger here.