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Euromillions jackpot on the rise – win €104.000.000 on Friday!

In the last few weeks, millions of players across the continent tried their best to become the first Euromillionaire of the year 2016, but with no success. The jackpot rolled over for the ninth time this Tuesday night, meaning it also considerably increased – choose your lucky numbers to become €104.000.000 richer on Friday!

Even though the top prize slipped through everyone’s fingers, few Euromillions enthusiasts had a reason for celebration on January 19th. After the numbers 2, 30, 38, 43, 46 with the Lucky Stars 2 and 7 were drawn, two players come out victorious, as they only missed the jackpot by one Lucky Star. The fortunate punters from the United Kingdom and Spain won €685.000 each, but they aren’t the only ones expected to collect an impressive amount of cash. Nine ticket holders snatched around €50.000 when they matched the five main winning numbers.

Euromillions jackpot hasn’t been scooped since December 18th, when a single participant from Spain won €83.000.000. There were 27 draws in 2015 in which the jackpot was given away, and the results left France on the top of the list of winning countries. Spain is in the close second place, but we can’t say with certainty if it’s going to take the lead any time soon, since there’s always an element of surprise involved. Judging by Tuesday’s drawing, Spain was the absolute champion – it produced over 400.000 winners who cumulatively netted over €4.250.000, beating all the other participating countries.

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