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Lotto news

First time Powerball player scoops $1.000.000

For some lotto players it takes decades of buying lotto tickets twice per week, for others just a little bit of beginner’s luck. Andrew Norberg is one of those people who didn’t spend years waiting for a lotto fortune to come their way – he won $1.000.000 with the first Powerball ticket he’s ever bought. 

The ground-breaking $1.500.000.000 Powerball jackpot attracted many people to try their lotto luck for the first time and the 29-year-old graduate and instructor at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy was no exception. Norberg was such a Powerball noob he wasn’t even aware he became $1.000.000 richer when his ticket matched all the main numbers last Wednesday.

“Since I never played before, I didn’t even realize that I won a prize since I missed the Powerball number. I asked one of my co-workers what the odds were for getting just five numbers. That’s when the whole office started screaming. There was a whole lot of hooting and hollering,” recalled the lucky New London resident, who was one of the three Match 5 winners from Connecticut on January 13th.

The prize came at the perfect time for Norberg, who’s getting married in April – the young couple intends to spend it on “a nice honeymoon and their future life together”. Norberg isn’t the only first time player who matched the five main numbers last Wednesday. A 19-year-old Florida resident Frederick Walker did the same and ended up winning $2.000.000, as he added the Power Play option to his ticket. The fortunate teenager didn’t even bother to use his own numbers – he walked into the Sav-A-Ton store in Lake Mary, saw a completed play slip at the playstation and decided to try his luck with someone else’s numbers, because… Well, why not?

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