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Lotto news

Gym buddies share $1.000.000 after only playing lotto twice

Going to the gym can be beneficial in so many different ways – it helps you get in shape, stay healthy, make some new friends… and sometimes win $1.000.000. That’s what happened to a group of 17 workout buddies who decided to form a lotto syndicate and won this amazing prize with the second ticket they’ve ever bought together. Team up with your friends and try winning a spectacular €115.000.000 Euromillions jackpot this Tuesday!

The lucky group from Calgary won $1.000.000 in the Lotto 6/49 drawing on December 12th. It wasn’t specified why it took them this long to come forward, but it’s possible that one of the winners works, or has a family member who works, for Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. It happens quite often in Canada, especially when large groups are involved, and when it does, the winners must be subjected to a 30-day-long investigation, allowing anyone with concerns regarding the prize to speak up.

The lucky ticket was purchased at the Superstore at 100 Country Village Road N.E. in Calgary. Shalee Stair was the first one to check it and immediately started calling everyone in the group to share the exciting news, but no one believed her at first.

“We’ve all known each other for a while now. We met at gym class, but this was only the second time we all bought a ticket together as a group,” said Ms. Stair, adding she will use her $60.000 share to buy a new car. Other members of the group are also brainstorming ideas for their winnings, from taking vacations to paying off a few bills.

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