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Opulent Silicon Valley compound on sale for $88.000.000

Whenever you hear of a home wearing an $88.000.000 price tag, you can’t help but expect a lot from it, and that’s exactly what this Los Altos Hills residence delivers. Described as an oasis in the bustle of the Silicon Valley, this luxurious mansion is one of the most expensive properties ever to be publicly listed in the area, which is a home to many of the largest high-tech corporations in the world. You could also live like a high-tech mogul after tonight’s Euromillions drawing – play now to snatch €115.000.000!

The opulent 20.400 square feet villa previously belonged to Kumar Malavalli, co-founder of the data centre and storage networking company Brocade Communications System. Mr. Malavalli said he and his wife are selling their “dream home” because they are empty-nesters, and want a smaller house closer to their grandchildren. Before deciding to sell the house, he used to hold the meetings in the part known as the executive centre, a space that reportedly holds a reception area, kitchenette, and conference room.

Silicon Valley luxurious estateThat’s just the start of the long list of luxurious features – there’s also a six-car garage, a 4.000-bottle wine cellar, a home theatre, a bell tower that can serve as a stage, and a swimming pool with swim-up bar and a retractable roof, which automatically closes when it starts to rain. Across the grounds one can find a wide array of gardens and sculptures depicting a group of musicians, children playing ring around the rosy and small figures holding baskets.Silicon Valley luxurious estate

You can enjoy the house as much on the inside – natural light can be found flooding into the huge abode, which is always brimming with skylights and spacious, open living areas. The house has five bedrooms that give guests an easy access to the grounds outside, and several kitchens, including a catering kitchen that the new owner can use to host up to 250 guests.

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