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Lotto news

Euromillions jackpot up to €131.000.000

Almost 35.000.000 entries were submitted into the Euromillions draw on Tuesday night, but none of them led to major win. This is currently the eleventh time that the jackpot rolled over and it’s steadily nearing the jackpot cap, which could be reached if no one manages to scoop it any time soon. Try stopping rollover train in its track and end up with €131.000.000 in your bank account!

The drawing on January 26th proved to be a disappointment for anyone looking to win a major prize. The winning line 15, 24, 38, 40 and 48 with Lucky Stars 2 and 9 didn’t turn anyone into an instant millionaire, but it also failed to produce any second prize winners. Although there were no winners in either of the top two tiers, 16 participants had a night to remember after matching five main numbers to land around €140.000 each.

Unlike Euromillions jackpot, the top prize of the other leading European lottery has already been pocketed twice since the turn of the year. Back on January 1st one German punter netted almost €50.000.000 playing Eurojackpot and it didn’t take long for the second winner of the year 2016 to line up. In the drawing on January 22nd, one Finish player matched all the winning numbers to win an impressive €19.400.000 top prize. This was the ninth time that the jackpot went to Finland, proving it’s one of the luckiest countries when it comes to playing and winning Eurojackpot. Germany is still on the throne with the most jackpot wins and we’re yet to see if anything changes this year, since both countries are off to good start.

American lotteries are also offering magnificent prizes at the moment – play Powerball to become $75.000.000 richer!