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Calm after the storm worth $1.000.000

Many people were forced to be stuck indoors when a historic blizzard hit East Coast this weekend, including Louise Ritenour from Winchester who spent few days locked up, avoiding the snowstorm raging outside. When the weather finally cleared up, she immediately went to a grocery store to get a few things and among them was the Mega Millions ticket that led her to a $1.000.000 win. The jackpot is still on the line – play now to scoop $56.000.000 in tonight’s drawing!

Ms. Ritenour matched the five main Mega Millions numbers 14, 27, 39, 50, 69 on January 26th, but missed the Mega Ball 2 that would turn her into the jackpot winner. Another participant from Connecticut also correctly guessed the main numbers that same night, but won $2.000.000 after using the optional Megaplier, which doubled the standard $1.000.000 Match 5 prize.

After being unable to go anywhere for a few days because of the great blizzard, Ritenour was happy when she finally got to leave her house when the storm stopped. She headed to the Bo’s Belly Barn on the Berryville Avenue in Winchester to buy some groceries, but decided to purchase a ticket for Mega Millions drawing, too. It made her $1.000.000 richer a few hours later, while the store received $10.000 bonus for selling it.

“It feels wonderful, if it ever sinks in. I don’t think it’s sunk in yet,” said the fortunate woman, adding she doesn’t have any immediate plans, although there may be a new car in her future.

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