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Lotto news

“The lucky 18 lottery club” collects $1.000.000 Powerball prize

Whenever big jackpots are on the line, players tend to try out every strategy to increase their possibility of winning, including buying as many tickets as they can possibly afford. When it comes to a group of 18 co-workers from Genesee County, they bought 22 Powerball tickets back on January 13th and won an impressive $1.000.000 prize thanks to one of them. Could you become the next Powerball millionaire? Play now to win a spectacular $96.000.000 prize!

On January 13th the gigantic $1.500.000.000 jackpot was scooped by the three ticket holders, but only one of them came forward to date. Unlike the jackpot winners, who have to plan  extremely carefully for the future before officially coming forward, dozens of Match 5 winners already lined up to collect their $1.000.000 prizes. The newest addition to the fortunate bunch is “the lucky 18 lottery club” from Genesee County, consisting of 18 health care professionals.

Club member Diana Rushlow was the one who collected the syndicate members’ money and purchased 22 Powerball tickets at the Beacon & Bridge Market in Holly. After hearing that’s the store where one of the winning tickets was sold, Rushlow and her colleagues started checking theirs. What started as a regular work meeting turned into a memorable life event as they realized one ticket matched the five main numbers.

“It’s safe to say it was the best Thursday morning meeting we’ve ever had. It was really hard to stay focused and keep working,” said Rushlow.

Each member of the club received an equal share worth $55.000. Four members of their staff weren’t part of the syndicate, but they’ll probably be joining them in the next drawing.

“They were happy for us when we won, and I’m hoping we’ll get another big win for them in the future,” explained Rushlow.

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