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Lotto news

Anonymous winner claims £33.000.000 National Lottery jackpot

The hunt for the winner of a magnificent £33.000.000 National Lottery jackpot stirred a lot of controversy in the last two weeks, but it’s finally all over now. One lucky Worcester resident came forward to claim the outstanding prize, but choose to shield their privacy by staying anonymous.

The mysterious winner scooped the half of the record-breaking £66.000.000 prize in the National Lottery draw on January 9th after matching the winning numbers 26, 27, 46, 47, 52, 58 and the bonus ball 48. A few days later, Scottish couple David and Carol Martin came forward to claim their share, but weeks passed by and the second ticket holder was nowhere to be found. On January 21st, Camelot announced that the winning ticket was purchased in the Worcester area and shortly after that they have received hundreds of claims of lost, damaged or stolen tickets.

The story of Susanne Hinte from Worcester who reportedly put the winning ticket in her washing machine was all over the news last week. Hinte later admitted she “never believed it was the winning ticket”, but denied altering it in an attempt to fool Camelot, which warned it would take action on fake jackpot bids.

“I’m not perfect but I haven’t done anything wrong. Everyone is mentioning fraud but I don’t think I am in the wrong. My conscience is clear,” said Hinte, adding that she’ll never play the lottery again because “no amount of money could ever make up for what has happened.”

When it comes to the real winner, Camelot’s spokesperson said they’re happy to finally see the prize going into the right hands, but didn’t share any further details about the lucky Worcester resident.

“We’re delighted that the winner of this amazing prize has now come forward and we hope that they will enjoy their win. It would have been awful if the ticket holder had missed out on this substantial and life-changing amount of money,” the spokesperson said.

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