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How to live in luxury with a Powerball jackpot – Part 1

Three weeks ago, the eyes of the whole world were fixed on six little balls being drawn from Powerball drum, hoping their numbers will match and lead them to the historic $1.500.000.000 jackpot. The dream of immense fortune actually came true for three ticket holders from California, Florida and Tennessee, who will have $328.000.000 at their disposal to spend any way they see fit. Lisa and John Robinson from Munford are currently the only ones who came forward to claim their share, but they intend to live a simple life after becoming millionaires. We’re yet to see if the winners from California and Florida choose to go down the same road, but if they’re looking for something more lavish and spectacular, we’ve got few interesting suggestions.

1. Hacienda De La Paz ($53.000.000)

Powerball jackpot winner

New house is always one of the first things jackpot winners want to buy, and here’s a perfect home worthy of California’s newest millionaire. The spectacular Hacienda De La Paz is one of the hottest properties in Los Angeles right now. This 51.000 square foot estate is a perfect combination of historically inspired splendour and modern design – it’s also the only private residence in the U.S. designed by world-renowned Spanish architect Rafael Manzano. As its name clearly states, it’s a great place to escape from the hustle of Los Angeles, much needed oasis that could provide Californian Powerball winner with peace and tranquillity.

2. Alexander Superyacht (€ 35.000.000)

Powerball jackpot winner

Imagine celebrating your lotto win on a yacht that can accommodate 80 guests and boasts an attentive crew of 60. Alexander superyacht is an embodiment of your dream – full of exciting entertainment options, it allows guests to enjoy both cosmopolitan ports-of-call and peaceful hideaways. Jacuzzi, a movie theatre, a dance floor, a gym, a swimming pool… You name it – Alexander has it! The list of its amenities is pretty extensive and if your guests are looking for some peaceful privacy, they can retreat to one of its 40 cabins and enjoy the yacht’s unique and luxurious interiors.

3. 2011 Hawker 900XP ($6.650.000)

Powerball jackpot winner

Owning your own private jet means you made it in the world and a lottery millionaire could certainly afford one of these. Hawker 900XP plane can accommodate eight passengers, meaning your whole family can tag along. It has beautiful beige leather seats and divan, high gloss walnut wood veneer, crescent gold satin plating, tan carpet and many useful additions such as microwave oven, coffee maker, LCD monitors and many more modern features.

4. Baldacchino Supreme ($6.300.000)

Powerball jackpot winner

Ever wondered what it’s like to literally sleep in gold? The Powerball jackpot winner could come to find out if they decide to buy the most expensive bed in the world, Baldacchino Supreme. The renowned designer Stuart Hughes teamed up with Hebanon by Fratelli Basile Interiors to produce this incredible creation, hand-made of 107 kg of solid 24 carat gold. It has a structure made from chestnut wood and curving ash wood with a canopy with edges in cherry wood, featuring small decorative applications which resemble gold leafs.

5. Lykan Hypersport ($3.400.000)

Powerball jackpot winner

Driving in the futuristic supercar Lykan Hypersport feels like being in one of those Fast & Furious movies – and that’s actually not far from truth, since it was featured in one of them. It is a limited car with just 7 units built, and what makes it so expensive is the use of jewels in its making. It contains titanium LED blades with 420 diamonds and the purchaser can embed jewels in the headlights on demand, including yellow diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

You might also want to buy few things from the list after the next Powerball drawing. Play now to win a dazzling $112.000.000 jackpot!