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Lotto news

€15.000.000 Euromillions jackpot goes to Spain

Only a few days after two punters from France and Ireland scooped a spectacular €131.000.000 jackpot, Euromillions drawing on Tuesday night produced another jackpot winner. A player from Spain matched all the winning numbers on February 2nd, becoming €15.000.000 richer. Could you be the next person to join their millionaires’ club? Play Powerball to snatch $112.000.000!

The winning line drawn on Tuesday night was 6, 9, 10, 21, 36 with Lucky Stars 2 and 6. These numbers brought joy to many players across the continent, but one Spaniard proved to be the most fortunate of them all. When it comes to second prizes, Spain was also one of the luckiest countries. Five participants won €225.000 for matching five main numbers plus one Lucky Star –two of them were from Spain, while another three come from the UK. Almost 2.000.000 cash rewards of smaller value were given away on Tuesday, ranging between €3.80 for matching two main numbers to €53.000 for matching five.

This is the second time that the top Euromillions prize is won in 2016. In the previous drawing on January 29th, the €131.000.000 jackpot was split by two players from France and Ireland. Irish winner already came forward to claim the prize, but chose to remain anonymous after doing so. 

“They have been in contact with National Lottery headquarters just to say ‘We have got the winning ticket, we would like to come in and claim it,’” said a spokeswoman for the Irish National Lottery, but did not reveal where the golden ticket worth €66.000.000 was sold.

Mega Millions jackpot is still on the roll – the winning numbers 7, 13, 25, 51, 70 with the Mega Ball 9 haven’t brought luck to anyone this Tuesday night. The jackpot jumped again, reaching $71.000.000 – play now and this amazing prize could end up in your pockets!