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Lotto news

$63.000.000 SuperLotto Plus prize goes unclaimed

For the last 180 days, California Lottery officials have been patiently waiting for the winner of a $63.000.000 SuperLotto Plus jackpot to show up, but with no luck. The deadline was set for this Thursday, but nobody came forward with the winning ticket or submitted a verified claim for the prize. There are still few claims pending investigation, but if none of them pans out, this will be the largest unclaimed prize in California Lottery history.

Back on August 8th last year, one SuperLotto Plus ticket purchased in Chatsworth matched the winning numbers 46, 1, 33, 30, 16 and the Mega number 24. Lottery officials spent days waiting for someone to show up and claim it, but days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Despite the extensive media coverage about the missing winner, their efforts proved to be futile because the news about the unclaimed $63.000.000 prize never reached the right address.

“We do have some claims to investigate. So we can say as of right now, no one has come forward with the winning ticket, but we have had lots of inquiries and the potential for more claims,” said lottery spokesman Alex Traverso.

One of these claims was made by Brandy Milliner, who filed a lawsuit against California Lottery on Wednesday. Milliner said he already turned in the winning ticket, but officials have rejected to pay him out because it was “too damaged to be reconstructed”.

The record for the largest unclaimed prize in the U.S. history is still held by a $77.000.000 Powerball prize. It was won by someone from Georgia in 2011, but we’ve never found out who since the winner didn’t come forward to claim it. Playing lotto online is a great way to avoid this, because there’s no way to lose or damage your ticket. Try your luck with Powerball and become $136.000.000 richer!