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Lotto news

Mr. Blessed wins $1.000.000 with his „unlucky numbers“

Playing the same numbers that didn’t bring him luck on the first try paid off big time for one man from Maryland. The Largo resident who introduced himself as Mr. Blessed scooped an impressive $1.000.000 Powerball prize after using those “unlucky numbers” on January 13th. Jackpot hasn’t been scooped again since that night – play Powerball now to win $157.000.000!

The loyal Powerball player purchased one of the three $1.000.000 winning tickets sold in Maryland for that night’s drawing, which saw the jackpot reach a historic $1.500.000.000 before being hit by players from Tennessee, California and Florida. When he bought the ticket at the Walker Mill BP in Capitol Heights, Mr. Blessed decided to use the same numbers that failed to make him richer in the previous drawing.

“I had played the same numbers the week prior. I figured I had a better chance of winning with the same numbers. I feel truly blessed. That’s what you call destiny,” said the lucky man.

Mr. Blessed described the moment when he checked the ticket and realized his numbers matched as an “out-of-body experience”. The first person he shared the news with was his mother – he even used his phone to take a picture of the ticket as a proof he really netted $1.000.000.

The majority of people who won Match 5 prizes on January 13th chose to come forward day or two after the drawing, but Mr. Blessed took his time. He only shared the good news with his close family, hid the ticket in his safe deposit box and followed his mother’s advice to hire an attorney. The fortunate winner said he already set up college funds for his three children and made a plan to invest some of the money into his home maintenance company.

Mr. Blessed may be a regular Powerball player, but he also tries his luck with Mega Millions every now and then. This game offers an amazing $87.000.000 jackpot in the next drawing – play now to grab it!