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Lotto news

Man finds $1.000.000 winning ticket while cleaning his wallet

Imagine walking around with $1.000.000 in your pockets and not even knowing you have them. That’s exactly what happened to Daniel Chase, who won a $1.000.000  Powerball prize all the way back in December and spent two months without realizing that the winning ticket was stashed inside his wallet all along. You can avoid holdups like this one by playing lotto online – try your luck with Powerball to win $212.000.000!

Back on December 16th, Chase purchased the Powerball ticket that matched the main numbers 9, 10, 32, 42 and 55. At the time when the lucky drawing took place, his ticket was safely tucked away inside his wallet and it stayed there for whole two months. Chase finally decided to clean out his wallet last week, and that’s when he came across three Powerball tickets including the winning one.

“I always put my tickets in my wallet after I buy them and then I’ll check them after I’ve had them for a while. I like waiting because it lets the dream of being a winner go on a little longer, and this time the dream came true,” said the lucky 53-year-old.

He checked the tickets online and after seeing that one of them matched the five main numbers, Chase was convinced he was looking at the wrong drawing. When his wife Theresa got home, they decided to scan them again in a nearby store, and that was the place where the lucky news finally started to sink in. The couple plans to use the money to help their children, complete some home improvements, and travel with their family.

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