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Lotto news

Two lotto winners make noble plans after scooping $60.000.000 each

Despite winning a $60.000.000 Lotto Max jackpot in two separate drawings, it seemed fitting that John Henry and Joan Patterson collected them at the same time, since they have several things in common. They both come for Ontario, they both expressed disbelief at their good luck, and they both plan to use their new fortune to help those in need. Follow in their footsteps after the next Powerball drawing – play now to snatch $266.000.000!

John Henry won his prize on Christmas last year, but when it came to keeping the ticket safe, a holiday weekend proved to be a challenging time. He jokingly said that “the darn thing felt like a hot potato” because the banks haven’t been working at the time and he couldn’t put it in a safety deposit box. Months passed by, and the news are still sinking in, but he made few plans for the future, including going on a holiday with his family and renovating his house. However, the majority of his money will be spent on good causes – he plans to open a charitable foundation to support children’s athletics and health programs.

Joan Patterson won her jackpot on February 5th, but only found out about it 12 days later. Before leaving for the store to check her numbers, she told her husband that she’s “going to go and see about her $60.000.000 ticket.” Her joke turned into reality when the words “big winner” popped up on the screen and she spent some time just staring at the zeroes. Her wish number one? Replacing the fence on her Desboro ranch.

“I’m a rancher from a rural area. Horses and animals are my life. First thing I’m going to do is re-fence the ranch. That might not sound very exciting to the general public, but it is to me,” said Patterson, adding that she also plans to buy a new horse trailer and a silver Corvette convertible.

She also plans to “give a little boost to” her loved ones and support causes dear to her heart, including children’s hospitals, programs for animals in need, and the Salvation Army.