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Lotto news

Essex woman wins £1.000.000 thanks to a happy accident

Lynne Groves thought she will be working until her late sixties, but everything suddenly changed “thanks to one whopping dose of luck and a simple mistake.” The fortunate Chelmsford resident, who’s been workings as a carer for over three decades, became £1.000.000 richer when a shopkeeper made one small error while selling her lottery tickets.

“On Wednesday night I asked for my lotto tickets and by mistake the shopkeeper ran off Euromillions tickets, and then realised the mistake, so ran off my Lotto Lucky Dip tickets a few seconds later from the machine. I’m sure it’s those precious moments that made me a millionaire!” explained Ms. Groves.

The lucky 57-year-old wants to treat her family after striking gold and said “it was a surreal experience thinking that all their worries were over.” She intends to purchase brand new cars for her children and her partner of more than 20 years, Mick Martin. When it comes to her eight grandchildren, each one of them will have a little nest-egg set-up for when they leave school, but Groves also intends to send them off to Disneyland this year. She also plans to travel to Italy with her loved ones and buy and renovate her rented home before settling into a quiet retirement.

It’s not just the family who will be heading off overseas – the lucky winner is also treating shopkeeper Pierce with a trip to Australia, keeping her side of a bargain that they often joked about in the past.

“I’m always joking with Pierce in the shop that when I win I’m sending him off to Australia. It’s become something of a standing joke. Now that joke is a reality and Pierce is speechless, for once! I’m also going to give Jack who sold me the ticket something. His little mistake has had a massive impact on my family’s life so he also deserves a treat,” said the big-hearted winner.

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