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Lotto news

Retired judge shares $291.000.000 jackpot with two friends

When James Stocklas went on an annual fishing holiday with friends, he was hoping to make a few good memories, but came back home with something even more valuable – a life-changing $291.000.000 Powerball jackpot. The retired judge from Pennsylvania decided not to keep all the money to himself and shared it with his two buddies who had joined him on the trip.

Stocklas matched the numbers 12, 13, 44, 52 and 62 with the Power Ball 6 on March 2nd and it only took him two days to come forward and claim the prize. The lucky winner purchased the golden ticket when he was driving back home from the vacation in the Florida Keys. He checked the numbers while having breakfast at his favourite local diner and was so thrilled after realizing they’ve matched that he paid everyone’s bill.

“I was yelling and I bought everyone in the diner breakfast. When I found out, I was shaking for an hour straight. This is like an amazing roller coaster ride,” said the fortunate millionaire.

He shared the prize with his two friends – a local business owner Barry Bartikowski and an unidentified woman. The trio celebrated their incredible victory with several bottles of champagne on a private jet ride to Florida, which cost them around $20.000.

“I often said, ‘Boy, I wonder what it would feel like to hit a big lottery winning’ because I never win nothing. Well, I found out,” said Stocklas, who plans to help his family, set up several trust funds and donate some of the money to charities.

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