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Why did lottery officials print a giant cheque for this $7 winner?

Whenever we see lotto winners holding oversized cheques while claiming their prizes, there’s usually a lot of zeros below their name. Bob Stocklas is an exception to this rule – lottery officials printed a cheque for this man from Pennsylvania, even though he won only $7. Why? He’s a brother of the jackpot winner James Stocklas, who scooped $291.000.000 in the same Powerball draw! Choose your lucky numbers and play Powerball, to win a $60.000.000 jackpot!

Bob joined James as he went to the Florida Lottery headquarters to claim his windfall last week, and brothers ended up posing for a photo, each holding up their giant cheques.

“We used to always laugh about what we would do if we won the lottery. But we would just say, ‘Dream on.’ All I can say is all this has been a whirlwind since Friday,” said James Stocklas.

The brothers grew up poor in Bethlehem – their father William worked for Bethlehem Steel, their mother Mary was a homemaker, while their third brother William, who served as a marine during the Vietnam War, died from an illness he developed from a spray chemical ingested in Vietnam. The jackpot winner already made a plan to share $291.000.000 with his two friends, but is also looking forward to helping out his family.

“It’s family. Family takes care of family. And now I can take care of my children the right way,” said James Stocklas, a divorced father of two and grandfather of three. His daughter Teresa Moyzan lives in Bethlehem with her husband Kevin, and children Sarah and Ben. The winner’s son Jimmy, who lives in Easton, has a teenage daughter Gabriella. Jimmy is legally blind and disabled, and his dad intends to buy him a handicapped-accessible home. As for the other plans – the future will tell.

“I think there is a lot here to see and do that I've never seen and done,” explained Stocklas.

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