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Lotto news

40 truck drivers share $1.000.000 Powerball prize

When an avid lottery player Kenneth Shumway asked his co-workers if they wanted to buy Powerball tickets together, they couldn’t even imagined those will be the best $5 they’ve ever spent. The syndicate of 40 drivers purchased 100 Powerball tickets and one of them ended up winning an amazing $1.000.000 prize. Play Powerball and your dreams of lottery fortune could also come true – a $60.000.000 jackpot is up for grabs tonight!

The lucky syndicate matched the five main numbers 16, 19, 32, 34 and 57 all the way back on January 9th, but it took them almost two months to come forward. Kenneth Shumway was the one who collected the money from his 39 colleagues and purchased 100 tickets from the Stewart’s Shop in Valatie.

“I think some of them knew I was pretty lucky on the scratch-offs, so they wanted in. Others just wanted a shot at something that big,” said the winner.

Shumway was also in charge of checking the tickets, and after realizing that one of them matched the five main numbers he decided to protect it the best way he could. He put it in a plastic bag and hid it in a sack of flour until they could transfer it to a safety deposit box.

Before claiming the prize, the 40 truck drivers decided to form a limited liability corporation called the 40 Winners LLC in order to easily disburse the money. Winners plan to use the prize to pay off their bills, but they also mentioned going on vacations and one said they want to buy a boat, according to Amanda Craig who works at the Stewart’s Shop where the ticket was sold. As for Kenneth Shumway, he already put his plans into action – he cleared away the trees in his backyard to make room for a pool!