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Lotto news

Mansfield man wins $5.000.000 thanks to his wife’s advice

For the last two years Ricky Rhinebolt has been playing the same lottery numbers, but he was ready to move on to new ones since they never brought him luck. His wife Peggy told him not to give up just yet and the couple became $5.000.000 richer thanks to her good advice.

The fortunate Mansfield resident matched the main Mega Millions numbers 27, 37, 54, 66 and 69 on March 8th. Those were the same numbers he got on a Quick Pick ticket two years ago, and he kept on using them until they finally turned him into a winner of the $5.000.000 prize.

It was Wednesday afternoon when Mr.  Rhinebolt went to the Marathon store to check if his numbers matched. The shop was busy because the story about the $5.000.000 win spread around town, and Rhinebolt waited until the line died down to quietly share the lucky news with the store owner.

“I said, ‘Roz, I need two packs of cigarettes, and here’s your winner.’ He came around the counter and gave me a hug,” recalled Rhinebolt.

The winner doesn’t intend to retire any time soon, but he’ll be leaving his second job. He was a dispatching manager for C&D Taxi for the past five years, but has also started working as a third shift employee at Jay Plastics, where his wife and son work. Rhinebolt decided to take extra work in order to save enough money for a trip to Hawaii, where his daughter lives, but he quit his taxi service job after the lottery win. He didn’t make any major plans yet, but paying off bills and possibly buying a new home are on high on the list of his priorities.

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