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Lotto news

Group of 12 Irish co-workers celebrates €2.500.000 win

A syndicate of 12 people from Waterford proved they really know how to party after winning an impressive €2.500.000 National Lottery jackpot. They rented a bus to drive them to lottery headquarters in Dublin and brought 40 friends and family members along to join them in a celebration of their good fortune.

The lucky dozen has been using the numbers 9, 18, 23, 27, 31 and 38 with the bonus ball 30 for the last 16 years and it finally paid off when they hit the jackpot on March 12th. The largest prize they’ve ever scooped before was worth €1.300, so it was quite overwhelming to see their numbers finally drawn. Alan Smith was the one who checked them and shared the lucky news with the rest of “The RPIII Heads” syndicate.

“I checked it a couple of times but refused to believe it. I rang the wife who had been up at a hurling match and I asked, ‘Where are ya – get home fast, we’re after winning the Lotto!’ Then I started ringing the other lads in the group,” recalled Smith.

Group members range in age from 37 to 50 years old and they all work together at Waterford’s branch of Bausch & Lomb, one of the world’s leading suppliers of eye health products. A €215.000 share that each member of the syndicate received isn’t enough to quit their jobs, but the win will still make life much more comfortable for everyone. The list of their plans includes paying off mortgages, putting aside college funds for their kids, going on holidays, renovating their houses and changing cars. There are also weddings on the way, since two members of the group (John Walsh and Louise Power) are individually engaged to be married.

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