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Lotto news

Struggling couple from Western Australia hits $40.000.000 jackpot

In the last couple of years one Australian couple couldn’t even afford a car or be approved for a bank loan, but thanks to an amazing lottery win they will finally be able to put their house in order. The hard-working pair from Harvey snatched a $40.000.000 jackpot and trying your luck with Powerball could make you even richer – play now to scoop $101.000.000!

The fortunate couple decided to stay anonymous after matching the winning numbers in the Oz Lotto draw on March 22nd, but they recalled the moment when they found out their lives are about to change forever. The father of the family said he was crying, shaking and bawling his eyes when he realized they’ve become $40.000.000 richer after a decade of hardship.

“We’ve been working seven days a week, 15 hours a day for the last 10 years. We haven’t been able to afford a house or a car and every time we have gone to the bank for a loan, it’s been declined,” the man explained.

The lucky grandfather added that the win will change their lives for the better, but won’t affect who they are as people. They intend to continue living a normal life, but with a few improvements: taking their caravan on a holiday, upgrading from budget airlines to business class and ordering room service in hotels.

“I’ve always wanted to secure a future for my children and take my wife shopping for a home we can actually call our own for the first time. Now we can do all that,” said the lucky winner.

Trish Forward, the owner of the Harvey Newsagency where the golden ticket was purchased said it felt “absolutely amazing” to find out they sold it and described Australia’s newest millionaires as “really nice people”.