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Lotto news

Woman from Thailand credits her doll with lottery win

It’s impossible to pinpoint why lottery jackpots go to certain people, but some of them tend to believe there’s a reason why Lady Luck smiled on them and not someone else. In case of Khun Lin from Thailand, that reason is embodied in her doll Pa Rui that was generously rewarded when her owner hit the jackpot.

Khun Lin believes that the doll was responsible for her lottery win, but it isn’t the most unusual claim we’ve heard about the Luk Thep dolls. Also known as “Child Angels”, these dolls started a real craze in Thailand, where superstition still runs deep among many people despite rapid modernization over the past few decades. Bring the economic downturn into the equation and it’s not hard to see why people are ready to look for luck in the most unlikely of places – or things. These dolls are believed to contain the spirit of an actual child and are looked upon as good luck charms that invite good fortune and blessings to peoples’ lives.

Owners treat their dolls like real children, taking them shopping, to restaurants, and even on flights when they travel – thanks to their popularity, a Thai airline decided to let people buy tickets for these special dolls. It’s obvious they really get a royal treatment, but if their owners happen to be lottery winners, things tend to be taken to the next level. When her numbers were drawn, Khun Lin purchased $1.400 of jewellery, and a wardrobe of bespoke clothes for her doll Pa Rui. She also had her hair done, and bought another three dolls to keep her company.

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