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Lotto news

Couple from New Zealand to get married after winning $22.000.000

After being engaged for six years, one lucky couple from New Zealand can finally afford the wedding they’ve always hoped for thanks to a spectacular $22.000.000 lottery prize. You could also put your dreams on a fast track by playing Powerball – choose your lucky number and snatch $251.000.000!

The couple from Ashburton, who chose to remain anonymous, won the jackpot in New Zealand’s Powerball game on April 16th by matching the winning numbers 3, 4, 19, 20, 28 and 35 plus the Power Ball 4. Two days after the draw took place the man checked their ticket and ran up the stairs to share the lucky news with his fiancé and his children, who were still in bed.

“We all just stood there staring, totally stunned. None of us could believe what we were seeing," recalled his future wife.

They’ve been engaged for six years, but there were many things stopping them from officially tying the knot. All those things are now out of the way, so the couple can finally proceed with their wedding plans.

“That’s one of the first things we’re going to tick off the list – getting hitched in style,” said one of the winners.

Dream wedding isn’t the only thing they have in mind – they’re planning to go to Dubai for a shopping spree, replace their old car with a new Ford Focus, set money aside for their children, and help those who need it the most.

“We know how lucky we are to have won, so really want to make sure we help people with our winnings – we’re going to set our kids up, help our families and give some back to our local community.”