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Lotto news

€29.000.000 Eurojackpot prize goes to Germany again

It’s been almost a month since a player from Germany scooped the second largest prize in Eurojackpot history, and it happened once again in the drawing last night. One lucky punter from this country won an amazing €29.000.000 cash reward, becoming the 13th Eurjoackpot top prize winner from Germany. This magnificent windfall may be off the table, but there’s still time to turn your life around with Powerball – play now and you could become $282.000.000 richer!

The winning numbers drawn on April 22nd were 5, 28, 31, 33 and 49 with bonus balls 1 and 2. The fortunate German resident was the only one to match them all, but another three players also netted significant amount of cash after missing the top prize by only one Euro number – they won around €425.000 each. Last night’s drawing also produced two winners of a €225.000 prize for matching the five main numbers.

This is currently the third Eurojackpot top prize won by a player from Germany this year. With a total of 13 jackpot wins, this country is the undisputed Eurojackpot champion, but it has a strong competitor in Finland, where a jackpot has been won nine times to date. Slovenia and Denmark share the third place with two jackpot wins each.

When it comes to American lotteries, Mega Millions rolled over again when everyone failed to match the winning numbers 2, 19, 21, 42 and 60 with the Mega Ball 13 last night. Two players from New Jersey and New York scooped $1.000.000 each for correctly guessing the five main winning numbers. After the 13th consecutive rollover, another nine-digit jackpot will be up for grabs this Tuesday – play Mega Millions to win $108.000.000!

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