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Lotto news

Man celebrates £10.000.000 win with a pint of beer at his local bar

Unlike the majority of lottery winners, who toast their new-found fortune with a glass of champagne, John Bowman celebrated becoming a millionaire with a pint of beer. Shortly after discovering he became £10.300.000 richer, the lucky man from Forfar headed to his local bar to have a celebratory drink with his friends. You could do the same after the next Powerball draw – play now to win $282.000.000!

Bowman has been an avid lottery player for the last two decades, and it finally paid off on April 16th when he matched the winning National Lottery numbers 2, 5, 14, 42, 51 and 55. He thought a £10.000 prize was at stake, but after showing his ticket to a friend they’ve realized his windfall was actually 1.000 times larger. His daughter Emma was happy to accompany him as he collected the prize, but she was initially overwhelmed with fear when she got a text to call her dad back over something “very, very important”.

“I don’t know if that was the best thing that I should have said because it put her on edge as to what it was but, anyway, when she phoned me back she got the good news,” explained the lucky winner.

He already quit his job at the local firm Ramsay Ladders, and made a lot of exciting plans for the future, such as buying one house in Scotland and one abroad as well, joining a golf club and visiting the Monaco Grand Prix.

“I won’t be getting anything extravagant, buying Porsches or anything stupid like that. My main intention is getting some place nice to live and making sure my family’s okay,” said Bowman, who has two daughters in their mid-twenties.

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