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Lotto news

Five Britons win £1.000.000 and an exotic trip to the Manta Resort

Five Euromillions enthusiast from the UK are about to celebrate their £1.000.000 win in a very special way – with an exotic holiday on the Manta Resort, located on Pemba Island. This all-expenses-paid trip is a part of the prize they won in a Mega Friday draw, which always takes place on a final Friday of the month. The jackpot is still rolling over – play Euromillions to scoop €54.000.000 on Tuesday night!

The five Britons, whose millionaire maker codes were drawn on April 29th, didn’t only become millionaires, but they’ve also got an opportunity to embark on an incredible journey. The lucky ticket holders will be flying to Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, where they can stay a night at the opulent Hyatt Regency Hotel. The next day, they will be transferred to the Manta Resort on the exotic Pemba Island, where they’ll spend seven nights enjoying a gorgeous seafront villa.

This wonderful remote island is a perfect place for anyone who’s looking for serenity and close encounters with nature – the winners and their guests will find themselves surrounded with breath-taking views and tropical marine environment at all times. They can also spend two nights in the spectacular underwater room, an astonishing bedroom located four meters below the surface, and enjoy many fun activities from spa treatments to snorkelling, sailing, diving and fishing. As amazing as it sounds, some Mega Friday winners choose not to go on a holiday and exchange it for more money instead, which is also an option offered by the lottery officials.

Euromillions wasn’t the only game that rolled over in its last drawing – Powerball players failed to match all the winning numbers on Saturday night. Two punters from California and New York were only a step away from becoming multi-millionaires, but ended up winning $1.000.000 each when they correctly guessed the main numbers 3, 12, 16, 32 and 34, but missed the Power Ball 14. The jackpot reached $348.000.000 – play now to take it home!