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Lotto news

€190.000.000 Euromillions winner opens a film and music memorabilia store

Becoming a lotto multi-millionaire provides you with enough time and money to put into all your passion projects, and Adrian Bayford is a case in point. He used a portion of a €190.000.000 Euromillions prize, which he shared with his ex-wife, to open a film and music memorabilia store in Cambridge. Would you try to turn your favourite hobby into a profitable business if you became a Powerball jackpot winner? Play now to snatch $348.000.000!

Back in August 2012, Adrian Bayford and his then wife Gillian won one of the largest jackpots in Euromillions history. They divorced about a year later, because their marriage couldn’t endure the pressure of the lotto win. Before they became millionaires, Mr. Bayford was running a second-hand record shop, and the purchase of the Black Barn Records in Cambridge marks a big return to his retail roots. He’s always been a big fan of music and this new shop is a great place for sharing his interests with other people in an authentic environment.

“'The shop offers a wide range of interesting music and film memorabilia. Unlike a lot of the national chains who sell you what they want to sell we cater to what people actually want,” said Bayford.

The Black Barn Records store has something for everyone – from life-size cut-outs of Hollywood legends to signed Beatles memorabilia. Bayford made the headlines several weeks ago when he spent £10.000 on a large collection of Lady Gaga memorabilia, and now we know what he needed it for. He’s a more of a rock fan and his personal stash features an extensive David Bowie vinyl collection and a £3.000 signed Guns N’ Roses guitar, but they are not for sale – yet. Bayford is hoping to open a “couple more” shops in the future and buy a vinyl pressing plant in the UK.