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Lotto news

Auckland woman to help stray animals with a $1.000.000 prize

After winning an amazing $1.000.000 lotto windfall, a woman from Auckland made a noble plan – she will use some of the money to help stray animals find a safe home. Many lottery winners choose to spend their money on good causes, and you could do the same after the next Powerball drawing!

The lucky woman matched the winning numbers 1, 12, 15, 20, 29 and 32 in New Zealand’s Lotto drawing on April 27th.  She came forward to collect her $1.000.000 prize few days later, but choose to remain anonymous as she claimed it. The lucky winner said she purchased her ticket on a whim and was very surprised to discover how fortunate her decision turned out to be.

“As I was leaving the store I saw that the Lotto counter was still open and thought I might as well grab a ticket – you never know, right?” explained the Auckland resident.

As she was getting ready for work the next day, she read in the paper that the winning ticket had been sold at Pak N Save Ormiston in Flat Bush, Auckland – the same store where she purchased hers. She checked the ticket several times and “couldn’t believe her eyes” when she saw all her numbers matched. The woman will use the money to pay off her mortgage and go on a holiday, but some of it will go towards helping her local community.

“I love animals and do all I can to help them – I foster kittens, feed strays and find homes for as many as possible. This prize means I’ll be able to do even more, I’m absolutely thrilled,” said the noble millionaire.

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