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Lotto news

Winning $429.000.000 Powerball ticket sold in New Jersey

After over two months without a jackpot winner in Powerball drawing, one lucky punter finally stopped rollover train in its track last night! An astounding $429.000.000 prize, the sixth largest in Powerball history, was scooped by a player from New Jersey. It’s also the second largest lottery jackpot in history won by a single ticket.

The winning combination that enabled this incredible victory on May 7th consisted of the numbers 5, 25, 26, 44 and 66 with the Power Ball 9. The entire line was matched by one participant from New Jersey, but the drawing also produced four Match 5 winners from California, Illinois, New York and Virginia. They ended up winning $1.000.000 each when they missed the jackpot by only one digit – the Power Ball number. The drawing also produced a total of over 3.000.000 winners who netted around $25.700.000 in non-jackpot prizes.

What makes this win so ground-breaking is the fact it’s actually the second largest lottery prize in history to be won by a single ticket holder. The record is still held by Gloria C. Mackenzie from Florida, who was 84 year old when she won a magnificent $590.000.000 cash reward back in May 2013. The jackpot won this Saturday night is also the second largest Powerball prize won this year – it’s topped by the historic $1.586.000.000 windfall that was shared between Lisa and John Robinson from Tennessee, Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt from Florida and one mysterious California resident on January 13th.

Powerball jackpot may be off the table, but Mega Millions top prize is still on the rise. Play now and you could become $150.000.000 richer on Tuesday night!