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Lotto news

Mega Millions offers the world’s largest jackpot tonight – $161.000.000!

Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday night made over 1.575.000 people a little bit richer, but a jackpot winner wasn’t amongst them. After 18 consecutive rollovers, Mega Millions is offering its players an even larger prize tonight. Prove that Friday the 13th isn’t unlucky after all – scoop an astonishing $161.000.000 cash reward!

The winning numbers 12, 22, 46, 56 and 74 plus the Mega Ball 4 didn’t transform anyone into an instant multi-millionaire on May 10th, but they made two players incredibly rich. Ticket holders from Illinois and Massachusetts netted $1.000.000 each when they correctly guessed the five main numbers, but missed the Mega Ball.

Mega Millions jackpot hasn’t been won since March 8th when Michael Burkett from Seattle scooped $157.000.000, and if it rolls over again we will be looking at the largest Mega Millions windfall of the year 2016. The record is currently held by a mystery player from New York, who still hasn’t officially collected an amazing $169.000.000 jackpot won back in January. According to the state law, lottery winners from New York have to claim their prizes within a year of the draw date.

Powerball rolled over in the first drawing following the big victory on Saturday night when a New Jersey resident netted $429.000.000. The jackpot is on the rise again, since no one matched the winning line 20, 32, 52, 66 and 69 plus the Power Ball number 23 on May 11th – play now to snatch $50.000.000!

Before you see how things turned out with Mega Millions and Powerball, test your luck with Fruit Bonanza. Play now and you could win $133.000 in just few seconds!