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Take a sneak peek inside sensational floating villas in Dubai

Dubai never fails to amaze us with its wide range of ground-breaking luxurious properties, and the “Floating Seahorse” concept is no exception. The developers of this extravagant project created a series of floating villas that will blow all other waterfront properties out of the water and offer ultimate luxury to anyone who can afford them. You could become one of those people in few hours’ time – play Mega Millions to snatch an amazing $174.000.000 jackpot!

The floating villas are a part of “The Heart of Europe”, a cluster of six islands located in a man-made archipelago in the Persian Gulf known simply as “The World”. By the time the “Floating Seahorse” project is complete in 2018, there will be more than 125 extravagant “over-the-top and under the sea” homes, worth around $3.300.000 each. 

floating villas in Dubai

The villas will vary in size, but the standard layout will consist of three levels – underwater, sea and upper. On the lower level, floor-to-ceiling windows in the bedrooms and bathroom offer breath-taking views on the marine life living in artificial coral gardens. A middle level features all the amenities of a modern home, while the upper level includes a glass-bottom hot tub from which you can enjoy looking at the sea and Dubai’s skyline.

floating villas in Dubai

 “Floating Seahorse” villas are equipped with everything you can possibly wish for – from butler and room service, a personal chef available upon request to state-of-the-art technology and outdoor climate controlled areas. Recently launched Signature Edition will allow future owners to select from a variety of different premium quality finishes, in order to make their new home distinctive and fully customised. They are designed especially for groups and families with children, and span over 4.000 square feet, which makes them even larger than the regular ones.

We don’t hear about a lot of lotto winners spending their money on floating homes, but it might become a new trend. You could be the first Powerball millionaire to buy one – play now to scoop $60.000.000!