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Lotto news

Future looks brighter for one Rocklin family after $1.600.000 win

Only a week ago, Debra Miller thought she was going to be working for decades to come, but this lucky woman is now planning an early retirement. The resident of Rocklin, California scooped an astounding $1.600.000 Powerball prize, providing her family with a brighter future, free of any financial worries. Something similar could happen to you after the next Mega Millions drawing – play now to end up $187.000.000 richer!

Ms. Miller won the amazing $1.600.000 prize in the Powerball draw on April 13th, but it wasn’t specified why she waited for a whole month before officially coming forward. Her ticket was purchased at the Bel Air grocery store located at 2325 Sunset Boulevard in Rocklin, and the owner received an $8.000 retailer bonus for selling it.

The fortunate winner said she was frozen after realizing her ticket matched five out of six winning numbers, and had immediately called her husband to share the good news. He thought his wife was getting back at him for an April Fools’ joke he pulled on their son a few days earlier, and didn’t trust her at first. After the period of initial disbelief had passed, the couple started thinking about their next steps – putting the money aside for their son’s education and planning an early retirement.

“A week ago, I thought I was going to work until I died. Now I can actually see that somewhere five years down the road I will be able to retire,” said Ms. Miller after collecting her windfall.

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