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Lotto news

Wicklow couple wins €250.000 with a ticket from a rubbish bin

There are many roads you can take in order to get to lottery fortune, and sometimes you literally have to dig through the garbage. At least that’s what happened to one couple from Wicklow, who claimed a €250.000 prize with a tea-stained ticket, which they’ve thrown away without checking it first. Things like this never happen to those who play online – try your luck with Mega Millions and you could snatch a dazzling $203.000.000 jackpot!

The anonymous couple from Wicklow matched the winning numbers in the special Irish Lotto Plus 2 draw on May 7th. They were too focused on the big jackpot and hadn’t even bothered to check their ticket after realizing it didn’t match all the winning numbers in the main game. The lucky pair decided to look for it only after they’ve heard the news about a €250.000 winning ticket being sold at the Roundwood Centra, where they’d purchased theirs.

“It was the following Monday when I heard that a €250.000 winning ticket was sold in the town. I remember saying that I had hoped that it would be a local winner – little did I know it was us,” said one of the winners.

They’ve printed out the results, emptied the bin in their kitchen and found the ticket under all the rubbish from the past two days. After they’ve checked it, the couple realized that digging through the trash made them €250.000 richer. They will use some of the money to throw a small party for their family and friends before deciding what to do with the rest.

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