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Lotto news

$40.000.000 jackpot sparks a war between factory workers from Sydney

When it comes to lottery syndicates, we’re used to reading the stories about happy-go-lucky groups winning millions thanks to their patience and team spirit, but that’s not always the case. The latest exception to the rule comes from Australia, where co-workers from a cable factory in Sydney got into conflict with their production manager over a $40.000.000 lotto jackpot.

14 members of the syndicate, all of whom work together for the Prysmian cable factory, collected around $2.850.000 each, before Brendon King accused them of squeezing him out of his share. Mr. King decided to sue registered ticket holder, Robert Adams, and NSW Lotteries because they allegedly excluded him from the syndicate, despite the fact that he reportedly pre-paid for his share of the winning ticket.

Mr. Adams’ lawyer Michael Lee SC said his client remembers the story differently – Brendon King was, indeed, a member of another syndicate with his co-workers until January, but when they pooled together the money for the draw on May 5th, King didn’t take part. He also accused Adams of including one of his sons in the win, despite not being an employee of the company, but Lee described this claim as “scandalous” and “simply false”.

King had been a member of the syndicate run by Adams for four years. Back in January, they decided to make a little change and play together only when the jackpot reaches a certain amount, but when it came down to pooling the money on May 5th, Mr. King said he paid $50 just like everyone else. It was also reported that the New South Wales supreme court has frozen a disputed share of a $40.000.000 jackpot until the case is resolved.

Don’t let their story discourage you – be careful when forming a syndicate or try playing lotto by yourself. You could win an enormous $218.000.000 jackpot in the next Mega Millions draw!