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One lucky punter from Sweden scoops a €330.000 Eurojackpot prize

Eurojackpot drawing last Friday night failed to produce a jackpot winner, but it left several players with a big smile on their face. One of them was a fortunate participant from Sweden who snatched an impressive second prize worth €330.000. Friday could also be your lucky night – buy a Mega Millions ticket and end up $218.000.000 richer in two days’ time!

After the winning numbers 6, 19, 23, 33 and 34 with Euro numbers 4 and 7 were drawn on May 20th, nobody managed to match them all, but few players were only one digit away. Ticket holders from Finland, Sweden and Slovenia banked €330.000 each by matching the five main numbers and one Euro number. Players from Norway and Germany both secured a €175.000 payout when they correctly guessed the five main winning numbers.

Swedish punter wasn’t the only one to win €330.000 on May 20th, but there’s a reason why we’re singling them out. Unlike Finland and Slovenia, who already produced several jackpot winners in the past, Sweden is still waiting for its first jackpot winner to come along. The victory on May 20th proves that the Swedes are just one step away from the eight-digit windfall and it’s only a matter of time before a participant from this country matches all the winning Eurojackpot numbers. This isn’t the first time they were really close, either – most recently, on April 29th, one Swede matched the five main numbers and one bonus ball to net €544.000.

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