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Lotto news

Bus driver wins £6.100.000 after two burglaries left him with nothing

After suffering two break-ins at his home in Spain, Kevin Jones finally got a chance to really start over again thanks to an amazing £6.100.000 lotto victory. This spectacular windfall provided the lucky Crewe resident with enough money to make up for everything he’d lost in the past and live life to the fullest from now on. You could do the same after the next Mega Millions draw – play now and make your dreams come true with a thrilling $235.000.000 cash reward!

The fortunate 57-year-old collected the impressive £6.100.000 prize with his wife Michele after their ticket hit the jackpot in the UK’s Lotto draw on May 18th. The couple’s win comes two years after they were robbed twice in three days while living in Spain, forcing them to return to the UK, where Mr. Jones had to work 12–hour shifts just to make ends meet.

“It is just amazing that this has happened, to think we had nothing and were working around the clock and now we have this. We really can now start to live the life of our dreams, something we never believed would happen to us,” said the hard-working bus driver.

Even after realizing he became a millionaire, Mr. Jones tried to stay level headed and went to work at 5:30 am, because he couldn’t let down all the passengers who rely on him every day. When he was in the middle of the shift, his wife called to inform him that Camelot confirmed their win and Jones immediately dialled his boss to say he really needed to finish earlier than planned as “something major” had happened and it could affect his concentration.

“One of my passengers overheard me and just ran down the bus and said to me, ‘Congratulations this is amazing – I have never been driven by a millionaire before!’” recalled Mr. Jones, who plans to devote his time to his family, gardening in a dream home he’s about to buy with his spouse, and watching his favourite football club Everton in the flash.