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Lotto news

80% of people would keep their job after lotto win, according to a new study

Retiring early is one of the things lottery winners often plan to do after hitting the jackpot, but according to a study released last week by Adobe Systems, people who leave their job after a lotto victory are in the minority. 80% of 1.000 American office workers who filled out the survey said they would continue to work even if their lottery ticket turned out to be the winning one.

This survey isn’t exactly breaking new ground, because researchers from the Journal of Applied Psychology (2010), Gallup (2013) and CareerBuilder (2014) came to a similar conclusion. According to the Adobe’s study, 28% of people would keep their job, 23% would continue doing the job they currently have, but work fewer hours. 29% said they would pursue their dream career, while 20% would leave their job completely.

Previous studies have also shown that lottery winners keep on working for many different reasons. The type of the job they have is one of deciding factors, according to H. Roy Kaplan’s research from 1987 – individuals with psychologically and financially rewarding jobs are more likely to keep them, while those who work in low-paying jobs usually quit the labour force as soon as they can. According to Leila Hock, lottery winners tend to keep their jobs because it gives them a sense of purpose. CareerBuilder survey came to a similar conclusion, but it also proved that people aren’t retiring early after scooping a lotto prize because they would miss their co-workers and they would feel bored doing nothing at home.

Percentages of lottery winners who would keep their job were also high in the studies published in the Journal of Psychology and the Journal of Gambling Behaviour several decades ago. They’ve proven that the prize amount also influences winners’ decision to quit – those who win more money are more likely to stop working, but there are many exceptions to this rule.

What would you do after netting $251.000.000? Keep your current job, pursue your dream career or stop working on the spot? The next Mega Millions jackpot winner will have to choose between the three – play now and it could be you!