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Lotto news

Litchfield man wins $1.000.000 with a ticket that was an “impulse purchase”

Buying a lotto ticket on a whim paid of big time for one man from Litchfield – he purchased a Powerball ticket because he had few extra bucks and ended up $1.000.000 richer. Spend your spare change on Powerball and you could win much more. A mesmerizing $110.000.000 jackpot is up for grabs tonight!

Joseph Yanish matched the winning numbers 13, 27, 47, 64 and 65, but missed the Power Ball 9 on May 14th. The Litchfield resident scooped the $1.000.000 Match 5 prize thanks to an impulse purchase that he made at the Casey’s General Store in St. Cloud.

“I just had an extra couple of bucks and decided to buy two tickets at the last minute,” said the fortunate punter.

Yanish discovered his victory thanks to Facebook when one of his old classmates shared the link with the Powerball winning line. He immediately grabbed the ticket out of his wallet, started checking the numbers and was very excited to see five of them lining up.

“I was freaking out. My wife Erin thought someone had died!” recalled Yanish, but added she quickly realized it was actually really good news.

Their plans after the win are pretty simple – they will pay off the debts, including their mortgage and use some of the rest of the money to take trips to different places, including the Walt Disney World.

“We are quite content as is. We are going to go on living life the way we have,” said the Litchfield man when he claimed the prize at the Minnesota Lottery headquarters in Roseville.

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