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Lotto news

Scottish family scoops their third major lottery prize, worth £1.000.000

The Fry family from Bo'ness has been hailed as “Scotland’s luckiest family” and that nickname really does them justice – they’ve already won three impressive lottery prizes and the most recent one is worth £1.000.000. If you want to become a serial lotto winner too, a life-changing $260.000.000 Mega Millions jackpot is a perfect place to start!

The amazing windfall was won by the 90-year-old Peter Fry and his 86-year-old wife Mary, who collected the cheque with their daughters Margaret (64), Janet (59) and Isobel (57). The elderly couple and their three kids play the UK’s Lotto as a family every week, buying a total of five tickets between them. On May 18th, one of those tickets made them £1.000.000 richer, but it was hard for them to believe that such a large sum of money was at stake.

“When we were told £1.000.000 we were in such shock – my mum kept saying ‘A million?’ in such disbelief. It was the most amazing feeling,” recalled Margaret Fry.

Margaret is a major lottery winner herself – she scooped £20.000 on the Lotto Millionaire raffle in 2015, but it’s not even the largest prize won in their family. Annette Brown, one of Peter’s cousins became the UK’s 2.500th National Lottery millionaire when he won around £1.150.000 six years ago. With three big victories under their belt, the Fries now have a solid plan when it comes to spending their money.

“I think the best thing about this for us is that we can take care of the family. My mum and dad will be able to buy their house and make changes which will help my mum who struggles to get about,” explained Margaret Fry.

Lottery win isn’t the only thing that makes their lives filled with happiness – Peter’s 90th birthday is getting close, as well as the couple’s 65th anniversary, and they will also soon welcome their sixth great-grandchild into the world.

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