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Etihad introduces the world’s most expensive airline ticket costing $80.000

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to travel in an airplane that has all the amenities of a five-star hotel, the Etihad Airways’ most luxurious model is ready to take you above the clouds – but only if you have $80.000 to spare. That’s the price of a two-way ticket from London to Melbourne in “The Residence” plane, that was described as “a penthouse in the sky”.

An airplane ride isn’t the only thing you get when you pay $80.000, since the cost also includes private transfer to and from the airport, separate check-in, VIP lounge and a personal travel concierge. The plane is equipped with a flat double bed instead of confining seats, the living room that has a 32 inch flat screen LCD TV, as well as two fold-away dining tables and a leather double sofa. The magnificent three-room suite also comes with its own Savoy-trained butler and on-board chef. When it comes to the plane ride itself, “The Residence” passengers have to change a plane in Abu Dhabi, where they are ushered into Etihad’s first-class lounge.

the Etihad Airway

 “The Residence” has been described as “culmination of many years of hard work and tremendous endeavour by hundreds of people both in our airline and outside” by the Etihad chief president and chief executive officer, James Hogan. The ticket from London to Melbourne is currently the most expensive one available, but the previous record for the priciest airplane ride in the world was also held by “The Residence” – it was a return journey from New York to Mumbai, with a price tag that was about $4.500 lower than this one.

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the Etihad Airway